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Gun Barrel Electro Polishing

Greystone Defense Finishing are experts in gun barrel electropolishing. We have developed and refined this critical electrochemical process to selectively improve lands, grooves and chambers resulting in optimized surface conditions for our advanced chrome lining process.

Benefits Included:

  • Improves (reduces) surface roughness prior to chrome lining & yields smooth chrome deposit for improved lubricity and ease of cleaning
  • Controlled material removal equal to thickness of applied chrome lining
  • Eliminates the need to manufacture oversized bore for chrome clearance
  • Provides best material activation for exceptional bonding of chrome to base material
  • Microscopic deburring at corners of lands yields optimal geometry to accept chrome deposit
  • Reduces gun barrel fouling accumulation and improves ballistics
  • Prolongs life of the barrel
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance

Contact or call Greystone Defense Finishing at Greystone-Induplate 401-231-5770 for all of your gun barrel electropolishing requirements. We are vertically integrated for multiple applications, offer superior quality, large production capabilities, and expedited turnaround times.