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Hard Chrome Lining Gun Barrels

Greystone Defense Finishing has been Hard Chrome Lining Gun Barrels for over 14 years with more than 1 million barrels chrome lined since 2008.

Our experience and refined processes are a perfect fit for gun manufacturers requiring tight dimensional specifications, stringent quality requirements, and high-volume capabilities. As a full-service single source market leader in Hard Chrome Lining Gun Barrels, Greystone Defense Finishing has mastered the ability to consistently deliver superior products on time for our clients.

Our expertise provides:

  • Exceptional accuracy with uniform chrome thickness extending throughout muzzle crown
  • Proven capability to meet .0004" (10 microns) minimum, consistently throughout the barrel
  • Durable chrome lining for maximum endurance & extended lifecycle of barrel
  • Crack-free character inspected at 100x magnification for corrosion resistance
  • Improved lubricity for effective cleaning of gunpowder residue
  • Enhanced heat dissipation in high rate of fire conditions
  • Optimized bore surface with reduced coefficient of friction to combat copper fouling
  • Prolonged life of the barrel
  • Reduced wear
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Our highly engineered process that yields industry leading control of chrome thickness on lands/grooves, and in chamber. Head space tolerances are consistently maintained

Contact or call Greystone Defense Finishing at Greystone-Induplate 401-231-5770 for all of your Hard Chrome Lining Gun Barrel requirements. We are vertically integrated for multiple applications, offer superior quality, large production capabilities, and expedited turnaround times.


  • AMS 2460 process standard
  • AMS-QQ-C-320 process standard
  • 1.2.2 of MIL-STD-171 process standard